Zero-energy Indoor Cooling & Roof Restoration Systems

Our Solacoat Heat Reflective Coatings courtesy of Coolshield International (Pty) Limited, Australia, are currently the world’s most reliable and environmentally safe Heat Shield Systems with reflectivity and emittance rates of nearly 90% and a ten year documented warranty. Solacoat Heat Reflective Coatings shield all kinds of assets, especially roofing, from the degrading effects of intense sun radiation and weathering. Major benefits include

  • Significant reduction in air conditioning costs (up to 40%).
  • Creates cooler and comfortable indoor environments without air conditioning systems even in hot conditions.
  • Improved fuel efficiency in generating sets (up to 15%).
  • Huge reduction in greenhouse emissions.
  • Longevity for roofing, surfaces and assets such as Warehouses, Storage Tanks, Containers, Portacabins, Piping, Walls, Pavements, Roads and Rail Tracks.
  • High anti-corrosion ability and available in a variety of colours to satisfy your aesthetic tastes.