Heat Reflective Paints are a range of high solar reflecting coatings that bounce off the significant amount of sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays to reduce downward heat radiation into internal areas of buildings/facilities, with the view to create natural indoor comfort; extend the life of roof assets and substantially reduce energy cooling costs.

The effectiveness of Heat Reflective Paints is undoubtedly critical to extending the life of roof assets and eliminating degradation of roof infrastructures.

Heat Reflective Paints, besides being effective in bouncing-off solar rays which have devastating effect on the roof, also work to protect roofs from the disintegrating impact of acid rainfall as well as eliminating growth algal/fungi growth on roof surfaces.

With Heat Reflective Paints, thermal shocks are eliminated thereby preventing incidences of roof leaks, which result from extended periods of expansion and contraction due to the heating and cooling effects on the roof at day and night times.

Heat Reflective Paint-Our solution

Heat reflective paint.

Introducing solacoat,

SOLACOAT Heat Reflective Paint is the world’s leading Heat Reflective Coating with proven capability to bounce- off over 90% of solar rays and lower internal temperatures in buildings/facilities by 10 – 15 degrees Celsius without electricity and/or air conditioning systems. SOLACOAT Multi-colored range of Heat Reflective Paints come with a minimum of ten years performance guarantee upon application and may be applied on a broad range of roof surfaces.