Asset Protective Coatings And Corrosion Engineering

Courtesy of our technical agreement and expertise sharing with Daubert Cromwell USA, global pioneer and leading manufacturer of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technologies; we offer efficient, environmentally friendly and high abrasion resistant coatings and Corrosion Inhibiting technologies that can protect a wide range of assets from corrosion, for significantly long periods under varying conditions.

We also undertake on-site and off-site maintenance works on different types of piping, tubing, bolts, studs, shafts and other related items.

Below is a breakdown of specific services we undertake under this category:

  • Standardized Threading, Rethreading, Cutting, Reaming, Burring and Various Pipe Repairs and Fitting Operations.
  • Coating Maintenance of Rusty Steelwork, Piping and Offshore Facilities.
  • Industrial Maintenance of Vessels, Plant and Equipment.
  • Anti-Corrosion Treatment & Protection of Power Generation Equipment and Capital Infrastructures.
  • Preventative Storage of Automotive and Equipment Parts.
  • Long Term Protection of Internal and External Surfaces of Tanks.
  • Preservation of Inventory Spares and Transiting Shipments.