Roof Restoration & Corrosion Control Systems

Significantly Reduce Air conditioning & Energy Costs and CO2 Emissions

Minimum of 10% Guaranteed Reduction In Diesel & Energy Cost

Indoor Comfort without Airconditioners in Homes and Offices

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Asset Protective Coatings And Corrosion Engineering

Our range of Solacoat coatings are currently the leading Energy Conserving Cool Ambient Coatings in the hot deserts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and have been extensively applied across Asia and Australia and other
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Zero-energy Indoor Cooling & Roof Restoration Systems

We undertake long term protection of various assets such as rail tracks,marine vessels,storage tanks and facilities,piping, LNG/LPG plants,offshore facilities,inventory spares and equipment etc,from intense solar radiation, explosion, fire and corrosion,under varying conditions.
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Important Facts You Need To Know

How long will it last?

Our Promise to You is that Coolshield provides a 10 year limited Guarantee on the surface integrity and performance, if applied according to instructions. The longest standing jobs in Alice Springs are still performing after 20+ years.

What is the spread rate?
15 litre drum of Solacoat covers a minimum of 75 square metre (on two coats) of roof surface/asset surface. Primers are also required for Solacoat installation.
Solacoat comes with a proprietary minimum of ten years documented guaranty against peeling, discolouration, algal attack and corrosion. The zero-energy indoor cooling ability is equally covered by the guaranty
How much will the temperature drop inside?

With Solacoat, there is a guaranteed minimum of 8 degreesĀ  Celsius drop in internal temperatures. Up to 12-15 degrees Celsius have been achieved on various projects.

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